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URGENT: The last few steps for Kaavan’s freedom but now we need your help!

Kaavan Needs Your Help

Kaavan, pictured above, who has been called ‘the loneliest elephant in the world’ has a new home where he will be surrounded in nature with other elephants. But, we need your help now.

After more than five years of hard work, lobbying and meetings, Free The Wild have achieved the goal of freeing Kaavan from more than 27 years of purgatory, chained up in the Islamabad Zoo. We have found him a beautiful new home at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary where he can live out the rest of his days in peace and with dignity. But, CWS need help to finish building his home.

Free The Wild are now working very closely with Four Paws to relocate Kaavan and have already covered the massive costs of the air transport, travel crate, road transport etc but now we need your help to get to the next stage.

Kaavan Transportation Crate
Kaavan's Transportation Crate is to be delivered early this month

Work has already started at CWS and things are going well but we need to raise USD 50,000 immediately to finish Stage 1 of the quarantine and holding area which includes his shelter and accommodation. We need this work to be completed by the second week of November as that is when he will be leaving the Islamabad Zoo. Should we fail to do this the window to move Kaavan may close on us forever.

Kaavan and Dr. Amir
Kaavan and Dr. Amir share a tender moment

All has gone so well but we need a final push to ensure Kaavan’s wellbeing at CWS.

Will you help?


To donate, please click the big donate button at the bottom of this page, or use this link ❤️

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