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FTW endeavours to stop the suffering of wild animals in captivity and ultimately find a way to release them into sanctuaries or better equipped zoos. Also assisting with the betterment of existing zoos and empowering its staff to care for and protect the animals in their care. We aim to provide education and support in terms of professional carers, handlers and vets and to introduce augmented and virtual reality into establishments as a replacement of some species, thereby ultimately eliminating animal trafficking.

Captive Wolves - Islamabad Zoo

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Free The Wild (FTW) is an international charity which has been created to overcome the mistreatment of wild animals in captivity, to free those who are mistreated and work towards the longer term goal of replacing live animals as exhibits with new technologies.


Whilst FTW do directly investigate and work to remedy unacceptable situations themselves the spread is far greater than that. FTW work hand-in-hand with, and provide financial support to, other organisations including World Wildlife Fund, Four Paws, the Global Sanctuary for Elephants, the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, Animal Welfare Worldwide, Stop Ivory and a number of other international renown organisations who share the vision of FTW.


FTW provide funding to third party organisations around the world on a project by project basis and the approvals given based on the decision of the Trustees in association with relevant, qualified experts. In addition to funding FTW assist with creating and implementing training programmes, where necessary, and provide experts on the ground.


Together, in partnership with world renown wildlife and environmental experts, NGO’s, governments, business communities, media, and individuals worldwide FTW can bring about change for many animals currently in captivity.

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