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Why Islamabad Zoo Needs To Stay Open

Many of our followers suggest that closing Islamabad Zoo is the most appropriate form of action to take, so we’ve put this article together to address those comments and discuss a few important points.

Properly run and managed zoos provide animals with everything they need to live long, happy and mentally stable lives. The purpose of a zoo is to give animals, including rare, vulnerable and sometimes endangered species, the means to breed successfully in a secure environment and so giving them a fighting chance against extinction.

Good zoos inform the public about the natural world, inspire people to protect animals and their natural habitats and educate them about conservation issues. Successful zoos afford visitors the opportunity to experience the animal kingdom, in real time, seeing and learning about wild animals, their natural habits and behaviour.

Most people will never know or experience wild animals if not for zoos. Very many species do and will continue to become extinct if not for the established, professional breeding programmes by some of the world’s best zoos.

San Diego Panda
San Diego Zoo runs a panda re-breeding programme to bring them back from the brink of extinction

Unfortunately, Islamabad Zoo isn’t a “good zoo” at the moment, but Free the Wild intends to turn it around and better the facilities for both the animals and the public to enjoy.

Closing Islamabad Zoo might sound like a good idea, but when you take the zoo’s purpose into consideration, as well as the costs involved in transporting the 600 animals residing there, it simply doesn’t make sense. Keeping the zoo open, renovating it, giving the animals a better space, medical care, good supplies of food and ample water as well as keeping it well maintained will give the animals a new lease on life. It will provide the local people access to jobs, education and an enjoyable, much needed outdoor space, that will benefit the whole community. In so doing, the upliftment of the zoo and the process of educating the visitors will inspire the promotion of ecological change.

With your help, Islamabad Zoo can develop and contribute to the world’s conservation efforts as most of the world’s leading zoos do.


In our minds, “charity” is any act of kindness that directly or indirectly helps a cause. Our cause is to give innocent creatures the means to live healthy, happy and ultimately, completely free lives.

Whether you help by donating a few pennies, sharing our posts or telling your friends and families about what we do, we appreciate it all and we can assure you that the animals we’re working for feel the same way.

Animal Injuries at the zoo
Animals spending their days on concrete develop a host of physical and psychological injuries

If all we do is provide animals with better natural space, fresh soil to sleep and walk on every day and the medical attention they deserve, that should already be enough of an inspiration for all of us to continue doing what we do. We strive to do and accomplish far more than that, but every step forward points us in the right direction.

We are still looking for donations to uplift and improve Islamabad Zoo – Kaavan the Asian elephant is in desperate need of attention, but so are over 600 other animals that don’t have access to running water, correct food supplies, professional medical attention and natural substrate beneath their feet.

With the money we raise over the coming months, we will be hiring international experts and professional vets, engineers and inspectors to report on and deliver solutions to improve the Islamabad zoo. We strive to provide due care and attention to the animals residing there and to give them enclosures resembling their natural habitats, appropriate food and the means, including everything they need, to live more social and psychologically stimulating lives.

Please donate - Kaavan needs your help

Please continue to donate – we know it’s a lot to ask but the reward is so great when you realise that you are responsible for making a positive change.

Look out for future blogs with updated news on events and opportunities and how you can help us through volunteering and on-site support!

Thanks for reading,

Free The Wild.


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