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Image by Felix M. Dorn



Free The Wild are holding an auction to raise funds toward the elephants in Karachi!


The auction will take place on the popular internet bidding site, eBay with a reserve of £150 (~$205.00).

We are auctioning this amazing charcoal piece by the young and extremely talented artist, Ricky Dampers from Zimbabwe:


‘Baby Asian Elephant’  | Charcoal on Paper | 41cm  x 29cm

The Asian Baby Elephant piece has sold! Thank you to everyone that took part in the auction and congratulations to the winner!

Watch this space for future releases from Ricky Dampers and more contemporary wildlife artists!



Based in Zimbabwe, Ricky is a 23 year old Wildlife Artist and Conservationist, born in Harare. 


A rising star, Ricky started drawing at the age of only 8 years old.


His first drawings were cartoons, but he quickly began to develop a keen eye for detail. Fuelled by his love of wildlife, Ricky used that eye for detail to adapt his work and focus on Realism as his primary form of art.


He taught himself how to draw wild animals through experience and experimented, in particular, with big cat species such as lions and leopards.

He takes his inspiration from a seemingly innate love of animals, drawing them with passion and continuously working towards perfection.


He prefers to be accurate and detailed in his work because he wants people to appreciate the beauty of nature through his observations and depictions.


Ricky is against cruelty to animals and hopes that his art provides a creative incentive for people to join the against poaching.


Why Charcoal? Ricky enjoys the medium as it allows him a great deal of freedom to create depth through a wide range of different textures.

Following the success of the Insanity Fair exhibition in London in April 2020, Zoobs the incredibly talented multi-media artist has provided Free The Wild with three, hand-picked pieces from his exhibition.

"These three unique works of art feature Cher. The highly stylised portraits lay behind three layers of stencilled, calligraphy-laden sheets of paper. The words are taken from Cher’s song, "Walls" which she has been working on to raise awareness for the plight of animals."


The works are signed by the artist.

Each piece comes with hand-written note from Cher herself.

The size of all three pieces is 43cm x 56cm (17 inches x 22 inches). The works are housed within frames that measures 50cm x 70cm. 


The works were originally showcased at the artists London show ‘Insanity Fair’ in March 2020.



We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Zoobs (Zubair) Ansari is a British artist of Indian and Pakistani heritage.  He draws on personal experience to explore contemporary society’s preoccupation with physical perfection, popular culture and celebrity, acknowledging the seductive allure of beauty, fame and wealth, while recognising the troubling psychological, emotional and physical consequences of blindly pursuing these goals.


Focussing mainly on the human face, Zoobs works in a variety of media including photography, audio, video, sound, sculpture and performance.  His works reflect a wide range of influences from art, illustration, fashion, film and music.

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